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Training is mandatory

According to FIFA, it is a requirement for any professional referee to have formal education and training in the field. FIFA is endeavored to ensure that those who wish to play the game get the best officiating to ensure fair play.


Consequently, this governing body has the mandate to ensure that match officials have the required skills and capacity to successfully officiate the game. Therefore, to become a very good soccer referee and be successful in the game like Pierluigi Collina, you need to have some formal training in the field. In this regard, here are some of the leading soccer referee schools you can join.

Institutions offering referee courses

University of Portsmouth

Being a specialized FA referee hub, the University of Portsmouth focuses on training student referees to become highly skilled. Under the university of Portsmouth FA referee development program, this hub helps to create pathways to connect referees with local football programs. As a result, the standards of football raise and also football grows in grassroots levels. The program also enables referees to progress, and develop while at the same time help them to have long term participation in football.

British Universities and college sport

British universities and college sport has an initiative that is aimed to support student referees who are willing to develop their referee skills while pursuing main courses at the university. This initiative is undertaken in partnership with the Referee Association Football Association Youth Council.

This partnership has help create the BUCS university referee hub which is involved in the development of scholarship schemes. These schemes are intended to recruit, train and deploy a considerable number of student referees who have the desire to impact upon the game.

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This institution has referee courses running throughout the year. The courses are developed in such a way that there is much emphasis on practical modern training methods to ensure that referees are well equipped for the game. The main objective of this course is to provide referee students with an insight to the rules of the game and how they can be applied practically on the field. Also, referee skills are enforced during the period of study.

Japan Soccer College

It was established in the year that the FIFA world cup was held in Korea/Japan. This college offers students with professional environment to develop their skills in playing the game, coaching, and also officiating. The referee courses in this school are under the coach development program of the Japan Football Association. Through this course, one can either become a coach or a referee.


Consistency in the officiating of games

Soccer is a global sport with same rules applying everywhere it is being played. Due to this fact, the rules governing the game must be interpreted and also be applied consistently across the board. To ensure that referees maintain the flow of the game; FIFA has put in place a policy that requires referees to have training. This ensures that the standard of the game is maintained and the rules are applied uniformly everywhere.