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Why We Built It

I have started this blog in order to share my experiences of becoming a soccer referee and to help those who want to do the same. As a certified soccer referee, my intention with this blog is to post regular tips about the mental attitude and physical fitness required to become a referee and to report the latest changes to soccer rules.


Wanting to be a soccer referee is a great ambition to have and is one which an enthusiastic soccer fan can achieve with the right knowledge.

A good understanding of the sport is the main requirement for anyone wanting to become a soccer referee. It is necessary to learn all the soccer rules and know how to ensure fair play.

My posts on this blog reflect my love for the game and my knowledge from the point of view of an experienced referee.

My professional advice and tips should be of help to anyone wanting to know more about the tests that referees have to take, the training and the equipment they need. It is intended to be a useful resource for learning more about the game of soccer and finding out more about the role of official soccer associations which appoint referees to oversee soccer games played by amateur and professional teams.